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Starting with its immortal beginning passage--"It used to be the easiest of instances, it used to be the worst of instances, it was once the age of knowledge, it was once the age of foolishness, it used to be the epoch of trust, it was once the epoch of incredulity, it was once the season of sunshine, it was once the season of Darkness, it was once the spring of desire, it used to be the iciness of melancholy, we had every thing earlier than us, we had not anything earlier than us, we have been all going direct to Heaven, we have been all going direct the opposite way"--Charles Dickens's story of the French Revolution has delighted readers for almost one hundred fifty years. The Revolution used to be a time of braveness and mayhem, precept and chaos, and Dickens captures it in all its glory and insanity. This version, in a bigger magazine-style measurement and consider, is ideal for guests and students--and priced for each funds.

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