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By Bertolt Brecht, Eric Bentley

Few authors have had one of these dramatic impact as Bertolt Brecht. His paintings has helped to form a new release of writers, theatergoers, and thinkers. His performs are studied all over the world as texts that modified the face of theater.

The Caucasian Chalk Circle is a parable encouraged by way of the chinese language play Chalk Circle. Written on the shut of worldwide battle II, the tale is determined within the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia. It retells the story of King Solomon and a baby claimed by way of and fought over through moms. yet this chalk circle is metaphorically drawn round a society misdirected in its priorities. Brecht's statements approximately category are cloaked within the innocence of a myth that whispers insistently to the audience.

No translations of Brecht's paintings are as trustworthy and compelling as Eric Bentley's. those models are generally seen because the common renderings of Brecht's paintings, making sure that destiny generations of readers will are available shut touch with the paintings of a playwright who brought a brand new state of mind concerning the theater.

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