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By Jon Arno

The artwork of Woodworking - guide of Joinery

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Therouterin a clockwise path to t r r I Eaoe piecee sixty five HALF-LAPIOINTS go Formedby cuttingdadoesin forums of equalthickness, thecrosshalf-lapis an excellentmethodofjoiningtheinterjoint sectingpiecesoffaceframes. This requiresno reinforcement. I I I I I T I I I I I I I t t ROUTING A go HALF-LAP JOINT jig utilizing a router anda shop-made B u i l da j i g l i ok et h eo n es h o w on n p a g e 65,buteliminate thestopblock; thiswill a l l o wy o ut o a l i g na n ys e c t i o n ofthe w o r ok p i e cwei t ht h em i d d l e o f t h ej i g . Makea testcut in a scraoboardto rout grooves reference in thebasepieces. will makeit easyto lineupthe those cuts. Markshoulder linesforthehalflapsontheworkpieces, theninstall a directly bit in therouter andsetthecuttingdepthfor halfthethickness of the inventory. place thestockin thejig,aligningtheshoulder markswiththe referencegrooves in thebasepieces. Clamp thejigto theworksurface, theninstall a moment clampto safe theworkpiece (right)asyou in position. Routthehalf-lap joint. wouldto makea nook half-lap I t I I I I T I I I sixty six I I I T I I I I I I I I HALF-BLINDHALF-LAPIOINTS A version of the T halfJap, the halfblind halfJapjoint conceals theend grain of onemember. Thesocket for the halfJapcanbecut with a roLtter, as shownbelow,or via handusinga chisel. I I I I t I I t I I I I T I I T creating a part. BTIND HAIF. LAP J(|INT I I I I t I I t thehalf-lap 1 Gutting I Makethisjointbycutting thehalf-lap onthetablesawfirst,andthenrouting outthesocket. Marktheshoulder of thehalf-lap onthe best edgeof onepiece. Installa dadoheadandsetthecuttingheightto one-half thestockthickness. Butt theshoulder markagainst theoutside bladeof thedadohead,thenposition therip passes, fenceflushagainst theworkpiece. Cutawaythewastein successive workingfromtheendof theboard to theshoulder mark. Makethefinalpasswiththe (Caution: guardremoved boardflushagainst thefence(above). Blade forclarity. ) I I I sixty seven r") slicing thejointsocket plywood Z A templateis usedto rout outthesocket. define thehalf-lao reduce in Step1 onthetemplate, thencutout the patternwith a bandsaw,saber sawor copingsaw. Fasten a fenceto the cut-outedgeof thetemplate with countersunk screws. safe thetemplate andtheworkpiece in a vise,aligning the cut-out withtheoutlineonthestock. set up a top-piloted immediately bit on your routerandmakethecutting depthequal plusthe to one-half thestockthickness thickness of thetemplate. Routtheoutlineof thesocket bykeeping thebitpilot opposed to thetemplate, thenremove the rest wastebymoving therouterin a clockwise path, opposed to thedirectionof bitrotation. Usea chisel to souare thecorners. I ANGLEDHALF-LAPIOINTS Woodworkers usethe angledhalf-Iap-or obliquelapjoint-to subscribe to boardsthqt pass at anglesotherthan 90", suchasdiagonaltable Iegstretchers. I I I I T I I I I I rf*tj I I I I ANANGLED slicing part. LAP JOINT I T T t I I I I I kerfsin thehalf-lap define 1 slicing I Marktheshoulders of the half-lap on thefaceof the workpiece, angling thelinesto suitthejobat hand.

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