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By William Shakespeare

Henry V is Shakespeare’s most renowned “war play”; it comprises the storied English victory over the French at Agincourt. a few of it glorifies warfare, in particular the choruses and Henry’s speeches urging his troops into conflict. yet we additionally listen bishops conniving for battle to put off a invoice that will tax the church, and squaddies looking ahead to to harvest gains from the clash. Even within the speeches of Henry and his nobles, there are various chilling references to the human rate of war.

The authoritative version of Henry V from The Folger Shakespeare Library, the relied on and ordinary Shakespeare sequence for college kids and normal readers, includes:

-Freshly edited textual content in line with the simplest early published model of the play

-Full explanatory notes very easily put on pages dealing with the textual content of the play

-Scene-by-scene plot summaries

-A key to the play’s well-known traces and phrases

-An advent to studying Shakespeare’s language

-An essay via a number one Shakespeare student delivering a latest standpoint at the play

-Fresh photos from the Folger Shakespeare Library’s massive holdings of infrequent books

-An annotated consultant to additional reading

Essay through Michael Neill

The Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, DC, is domestic to the world’s greatest choice of Shakespeare’s revealed works, and a magnet for Shakespeare students from worldwide. as well as exhibitions open to the general public all year long, the Folger bargains an entire calendar of performances and courses. for additional info, stopover at

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You could have shot over. ° Orleans. ‘Tis now not the 1st time you have been overshot. ° input a Messenger. Messenger. My Lord excessive Constable, the English lie inside fifteen hundred paces of your tents. Constable. Who hath measured the floor? 116 yet his Lackey i. e. , he has overwhelmed not anyone yet his foot-boy 116-17 hooded valor ... will bate valor like a hawk hooded ahead of motion, which flutters and beats its wings whilst its hood is got rid of 117 bate (1) beat its wings (2) develop into dejected 128 over past the mark 129 overshot (1) large of the mark (2) crushed in capturing Messenger. The Lord Grandpré. Constable. A valiant and such a lot specialist gentleman. would it not have been day! unluckily, bad Harry of britain! He longs no longer for the dawning, as we do. Orleans. What a wretched and peevish° fellow is that this King of britain, to mope along with his fat-brained fans to this point out of his wisdom! Constable. If the English had any apprehension,° they'd run away. Orleans. That they lack; for if their heads had any highbrow armor, they can by no means put on such heavy headpieces. Rambures. That island of britain breeds very valiant creatures: their mastiffs are of unmatchable braveness. Orleans. silly curs, that run winking° into the mouth of a Russian undergo, and feature their heads overwhelmed like rotten apples! you can even say, that’s a valiant flea, that dare devour his breakfast at the lip of a lion. Constable. simply, simply! And the lads do sympathize with the mastiffs in robustious and tough approaching, leaving their wits with their better halves: after which supply them nice nutrients of red meat, and iron and metal; they'll consume like wolves and struggle like devils. Orleans. Ay, yet those English are shrewdly° out of red meat. Constable. Then we could locate day after today they've got in simple terms stomachs° to devour, and none to struggle. now's it time to arm; come, we could approximately it? Orleans. it truly is now o‘clock; yet permit me see—by ten we will have every one 100 Englishmen. Exeunt. 137 peevish mindless one hundred forty apprehension realizing, take hold of of brain 148 winking with eyes close 158 shrewdly a great deal 161 stomacks disposition ACT [4] refrain. Now entertain conjecture of a time while creeping murmur and the poring° darkish Fills the vast vessel of the universe. From camp to camp, in the course of the foul womb of evening, The hum of both military stilly° sounds; That the fastened sentinels nearly obtain the key whispers of every other’s watch. hearth solutions fireplace, and during their paly° flames each one conflict° sees the other’s umbered° face. Steed threatens steed, in excessive and arrogant neighs Piercing the night’s boring ear; and from the tents The armorers reaching° the knights, With busy hammers final rivets up, supply dreadful notice° of training. the rustic cocks do crow, the clocks do toll; And the 3rd hour of drowsy morning named. happy with their numbers, and safe° in soul, The convinced and over-lusty° French Do the low-rated English play° at cube; And chide the cripple tardy-gaited evening Who like a bad and unsightly witch doth limp So tediously away. The terrible condemnèd English,4 Prologue 2 poring eye-straining five stilly softly eight paly faded (poetic) nine conflict military nine umbered shadowed 12 achieving equipping 14 notice indication 17 safe convinced 18 over-lusty too energetic 19 play play for Like sacrifices, through their watchful° fires take a seat patiently, and inly ruminate The morning’s probability; and their gesture° unhappy, making an investment° lank-lean cheeks and war-worn coats, Presenteth them unto the staring at moon such a lot of horrid ghosts.

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