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one of the nice civilizations of the realm, Islam is still an enigma to Western readers. Now, in a fantastically illustrated historic atlas, famous student of faith Malise Ruthven recounts the interesting and critical historical past of the Islamic global.

From the beginning of the prophet Muhammed to the independence of post-Soviet Muslim states in valuable Asia, this available and informative atlas explains the ancient evolution of Islamic societies. brief essays hide a large choice of issues, together with the critical roles performed through sharia (divine legislation) and fiqh (jurisprudence); philosophy; arts and structure; the Muslim urban; alternate, trade, and production; marriage and relatives lifestyles; tribal distributions; kinship and dynastic strength; ritual and devotional practices; Sufism; modernist and reformist developments; the eu domination of the Islamic global; the increase of the fashionable nationwide nation; oil exports and palms imports; and Muslim populations in non-Muslim nations, together with the USA.

Lucid and welcoming full-color maps chronicle the altering inner and exterior barriers of the Islamic global, displaying the valuable exchange routes wherein items, rules, and customs unfold. Ruthven strains the effect of varied Islamic dynasties in artwork and structure and indicates the distribution of sects and spiritual minorities, the constitution of Islamic towns, and the distribution of assets. one of the book's precious contributions is the incorporation of the customarily ignored geographical and environmental elements, from the Fertile Crescent to the North African desolate tract, that experience contributed to shaping Islamic historical past.

wealthy in narrative and visible aspect that illuminates the tale of Islamic civilization, this well timed atlas is an integral source to somebody drawn to global heritage and faith.

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After the conquest of Baghdad years later, al-Juvaini grew to become its governor. inside a number of generations the western Mongols had switched over to Islam, beginning a super new period within the tale of ° its improvement. one hundred thirty RK ITS ° 30 cations and information of the most recent battle innovations have been refined adequate to let them to wreak extraordinary degrees of destruction. within the preliminary conquests, whole populations of towns have been massacred, with no regard to age or gender. constructions have been leveled, rotting heads stacked in grotesque pyramids. Mongol cruelty was once a kind of mental struggle designed to ship the message that resistance used to be lifeless. As a method, terror was once powerful: the amirs who ruled within the Iranian highlands hastened to illustrate forty ° their homage. The neighborhood bureaucrats and 50 Hanoi Daluo Bay of Bengal sixty five HISTORICAL ATLAS OF THE ISLAMIC global Maghreb and Spain 650–1485 e zero° 10° ATLANTIC OCEAN 732 10° excursions 20 FRANKISH EMPIRE Poitiers AVAR Limoges Rhône Genoa great Frejus Ancona advert ria T Barcelona Rome from M Madrid E Corsica 713 tic H U 713 Se a M BA Naples Sardinia A Palma Y s c I Baleari 711 Granada s nd 711 Y Cartagena Gibraltar Sicily Tangier A Bône Tunis Tahant D Meknès Fes S from 712 los angeles RD Taranto Valencia Cordoba 711 B eight 652–6 698 Kairouan Taza 683 C 670 698 M e d i A L P H Aghmat Gabès A T E Tripoli 647 Sijilmasa 30° LO 711 Toledo 712 Cádiz O ber Ti Marseille ro Florence F 721 Zaragoza gus Ta Lisbon 711 M Toulouse ES Venice Po O D Oporto Turin G AQUITAINE 718 Santander CANTA BRIAN S BASQ U Eb N Bordeaux Oviedo forty° KI Lyon ~ los angeles Coruna Misurata B R E B E R Wargla Muslim conquests in North Africa and Europe S Ghadamés El Galsa 634 to 732 Conquests less than Muhammad through 644 Garama through 720 significant Muslim crusade In Saleh Zawilah Murzuk additional campaigns S a Muslim raids 20° sixty six Ghat a Tropic of Ca ncer Muslim victory Muslim defeat h zero three hundred km Trans-Saharan exchange routes zero three hundred miles r a D e s e r t t MAGHREB AND SPAIN 650–1485 zero° 30° forty° EMPIRE C a u c a s u s LAZICA 1 B l a c okay D anu a l okay a Baku by means of sixty six BULGARIA B M t s S e a be n s Varna Resht Qu izi E 716 Constantinople R 7 –7 670 Salonika A n a t o l i N A I us r E Adana Aleppo E N four by means of sixty four M Mts Ta u Konya Mosul s gri Ti Smyrna Z Hamadan P Athens Y I a Aegean Sea T l U zun Hama Homs Tripoli Cyprus Euphrate s Crete Candia e r r a n e a Beirut n e S Basra Damascus Haifa a Jerusalem Gaza 642 Ajdabiya Alexandria 646 Tanta al Giza al-Fustat (Cairo) A R A B I A lower than Muhammad al Faiyum Awjilah 640 644 al Minya E g y p t N ile R Luxor e Medina d al Kharga S e W advert a Aswan Aidnab Jedda Mecca ia sS ub ai big apple a di Ra Wa N Kuffra W to Dongola 652 NUBIANS Suakin sixty seven HISTORICAL ATLAS OF THE ISLAMIC global Islamic Spain c.

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