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Roman dictator Julius Caesar returns from a triumphant crusade in Spain, inflicting his fellow-citizens to distrust the scope of his political objectives. Afraid that he'll settle for the name of king , a bunch of conspirators convince Marcus Brutus to hitch their plot opposed to Caesar. William Shakespeare s play revolves round Marcus Brutus as he grapples with problems with friendship, honor, and patriotism.

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To his officials BRUTUS phrases earlier than blows: is it so, countrymen? The armies enhance in the direction of one another OCTAVIUS no longer that we adore phrases larger, as you do. BRUTUS sturdy phrases are greater than undesirable strokes30, Octavius. ANTONY on your undesirable strokes, Brutus, you provide sturdy phrases: Witness the outlet you made in Caesar’s center, Crying ‘Long dwell! Hail, Caesar! ’ CASSIUS Antony, The posture of your blows35 are but unknown yet to your phrases, they rob the Hybla36 bees, And depart them honeyless. ANTONY no longer stingless too? BRUTUS O definite, and soundless too, For you may have stol’n their buzzing40, Antony, and extremely correctly threat41 ahead of you sting. ANTONY Villains, you probably did no longer so42, whilst your vile daggers Hacked each other within the aspects of Caesar: You confirmed your enamel like apes44, and fawned like hounds, And bowed like bondmen, kissing Caesar’s ft; when damnèd Casca, like a cur46, at the back of Struck Caesar at the neck. O you flatterers! CASSIUS Flatterers? Now, Brutus, thank your self. This tongue had no longer indignant so today49 If Cassius may need governed. OCTAVIUS Come, come, the cause51. If arguing make us sweat, The proof52 of it's going to flip to redder drops: glance, I draw a sword opposed to conspirators. attracts whilst imagine you that the sword is going up54 back? by no means, until eventually Caesar’s 3 and thirty wounds Be good avenged, or until eventually one other Caesar56 Have additional slaughter to57 the sword of traitors. BRUTUS Caesar, thou canst no longer die by way of traitors’ arms except thou bring’st them with thee59. OCTAVIUS So i am hoping: i used to be no longer born to die on Brutus’ sword. BRUTUS O, if thou wert the noblest of thy strain62, younger guy, thou couldst no longer die extra honourable63. CASSIUS A peevish64 schoolboy, valueless of such honour, Joined with a masquer65 and a reveller. ANTONY previous Cassius nonetheless. OCTAVIUS Come, Antony, away. Defiance, traitors, hurl we on your tooth. should you dare struggle this day, come to the sphere; If no longer, in case you have stomachs70. Exeunt Octavius, Antony and military CASSIUS Why now, blow wind, swell billow and swim bark71: The typhoon is up and all is at the hazard72. BRUTUS Ho, Lucilius, hark, a note with you. Lucilius and Messala stand forth LUCILIUS My lord. Brutus and Lucilius converse aside CASSIUS Messala. MESSALA What says my normal? CASSIUS Messala, this is often my birthday: as this78 very day used to be Cassius born. supply me thy hand, Messala: Be thou my witness that opposed to my will — As Pompey used to be — am I pressured to set81 Upon one conflict all our liberties. you recognize that I held Epicurus83 powerful And his opinion: now i modify my brain And partially credits issues that do presage85. Coming from Sardis, on our former ensign86 effective eagles fell87, and there they perched, Gorging and feeding from our infantrymen’ arms, Who to Philippi the following consorted89 us: This morning are they fled away and long gone, And of their steads do ravens, crows and kites91 Fly o’er our heads and downward glance on us As93 we have been sickly prey; their shadows look a cover such a lot fatal94, lower than which Our military lies, able to quit the ghost.

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