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Download E-books Paradise Lost and Other Poems (Signet Classics) PDF

By John Milton

With the 3 works incorporated during this volume--Paradise misplaced, Samson Agonistes, and Lycidas--Milton positioned himself subsequent to Shakespeare, Dante, and Homer as one of many maximum literary genius in background.

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Fountains, and ye that warble as ye movement° Melodious murmurs, warbling music his compliment. sign up for voices, all ye dwelling Souls; ye Birds, That, making a song, as much as Heaven-gate ascend,° endure in your wings and on your notes his compliment. Ye that during waters flow, and ye that stroll The earth, and stately tread, or lowly creep, Witness if I be silent, morn or maybe, To hill or valley, fountain, or clean coloration, Made vocal by way of my track, and taught his compliment. Hail, common Lord, be bounteous nonetheless to offer us basically solid, and, if the evening Have accrued aught of evil, or hid, Disperse it, as now mild dispels the darkish. ’ So prayed they blameless, and to their strategies enterprise peace recovered quickly, and wonted calm. directly to their morning’s rural paintings they haste, between candy dews and flowers,° the place any row Of fruit-trees, overwoody, reached too a long way Their pampered boughs, and wanted fingers to ascertain Fruitless embraces: or they led the vine To wed her elm; she, spoused, approximately him twines Her marriageable hands, and along with her brings189 uncoloured unvariegated, having just one colour 195 that warble as ye circulate cf. iii, 31 198 comparable to Shakespeare’s “Hark, hark! the lark at heaven’s gate sings” (Cymbeline, II, iii, 21) and “Like to the lark at sunrise bobbing up/ From sullen earth, sings hymns at heaven’s gate” (Sonnet 29). 212 between . . . dews and plant life cf. i. 771 Her dower, the followed clusters, to beautify His barren leaves. Them hence hired beheld With pity Heaven’s excessive King, and to him known as Raphael,° the sociable Spirit, that deigned To commute with Tobias, and secured His marriage with seven-times-wedded maid. ° ‘Raphael,’ acknowledged he, ‘thou hear’st what stir in the world devil, from Hell ‘scaped throughout the darksome gulf, Hath raised in Paradise, and the way disturbed tonight the human pair; how he designs In them immediately to break all mankind. pass, as a result; part today, as pal with good friend° speak with Adam, in what bower or coloration Thou find’st him from the warmth of midday retired To respite his day-labour with repast Or with repose; and such discourse bring about As may possibly recommend him of his satisfied kingdom— Happiness in his strength left loose to will, Left to his personal unfastened will, his will even though unfastened but mutable. Whence warn him to pay attention He swerve now not, too safe; inform him withal His risk, and from whom, what enemy, past due fallen himself from Heaven, is plotting now the autumn of others from like kingdom of bliss. by way of violence? no, for that will be withstood; yet by way of deceit and lies. This permit him be aware of, Lest, wilfully transgressing, he faux Surprisal, unadmonished, unforewarned. ’ So spake the everlasting Father, and fulfilled All justice. Nor behind schedule the winged Saint After his cost got, yet from between Thousand celestial Ardours° the place he stood Veiled along with his stunning wings upspringing mild Flew in the course of the midst of Heaven. The angelic choirs, On every one hand parting, to his pace gave approach via the entire empyreal street, until, on the gate Of Heaven arrived, the gate self-opened wide,221 Raphael “Divine healer” 222-23 see iv, 168 ff.

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