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By Brian Jacques, Gary Chalk

The population of Redwall chill out within the haze of summer-but as they do, the neighboring stronghold of Salamandastron lies besieged via the evil weasel military of Ferhago the murderer. Worse nonetheless, Mara, cherished daughter of Urthstripe, Badger Lord of the hearth Mountain, is in bad chance. Then a lightning bolt uncovers the sword of Martin the Warrior, and younger Samkin embarks on an event that leads him to Mara. Can the nice creatures conquer the villainous murderer?

Illustrated by way of Gary Chalk

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Farran nodded as soon as. That used to be sufficient for Ferahgo. ‘Good! when you have been within it'd be as much as you in finding the nutrition and consuming water. I think that the mountain should be a honeycomb of passages and side-cuts, yet you'll find the larders irrespective of what percentage chambers and corridors you needed to discover, eh, Farran? for those who do, i would like every little thing eatable or drinkable to be poisoned along with your most threatening fluids. No creature is to be left alive in Salamandastron. ’ Farran nodded then held out a paw. Ferahgo understood. status along the Poisoner he drew dose to his ear and whispered in a voice so low that not one of the others heard: ‘Your price is part the badger’s treasure. Is it a discount? ’ Farran’s nod was once ultimate; the pact was once sealed. He gave Ferahgo one lengthy final look then padded off silently. there has been a noisy sigh of aid while he had long past. Ferahgo grew to become to the others. ‘Now do you think that my plan will paintings? ’ all of them nodded contract, even Klitch. Ferahgo sheathed his skinning knife. ‘Then this night is the evening. here's what you want to do . . . ’ 18 ‘Towels, extra towels. Damp them down with rosewater, please! ’ Brother Hollyberry bustled concerning the beds that were organize within the top gallery, mopping a forehead the following, administering a dose there, tucking blankets in more impregnable. ‘Please lie nonetheless, Burrley. lots of cool beverages and sweat it out less than these blankets, there’s a superb mole! ’ Sister Nasturtium regarded up from the desk the place she was once operating with bowl and pestle and wiped her forehead. ‘We’re operating low on dried motherwort and lemon verbena, Brother. this can be the final of it I’m utilizing. ’ Thrugann set aside a serviette she was once dipping in rosewater. ‘Leave that t’ me, Sister. I’ll make a journey into Mossflower Woods instantly an’ assemble a few. Anythin’ else you would like whereas I’m within the woodlands, Brother? ’ Hollyberry scratched his chin. ‘Hmm, nightshade berries – gentle purple ones for those who can, the darkish pink berries are a long way too squashy. probably you could have a look round for Dumble whereas you’re there, Thrugann. ’ ‘That liddle snippet. ’ The otterlady shook her head and chuckled. ‘I advised you as soon as nor a dozen instances he’s long past off with that brother of mine. Dumble an’ Thrugg are dose as peas in a pod, you're taking my notice for it. ’ ‘Oh, I do desire you’re correct. ’ Abbess Vale left off laying out fresh sheets and sat down at the aspect of a truckle mattress. A small mole named Droony took a wide sucking swig of chilly mint tea and part sat up. ‘Oh, she’m be roight, marm, never’ee worry. Oi see’d Dumble meself, simply afore ’ee went off, an’ ’ee stated as ee’d fetch me again Oicetor Flowern t’ make oi greater, so ’im did, hurr. ’ Sister Nasturtium floor the pestle not easy into the bowl. ‘Droony, you naughty liddle creature, why did you now not let us know this prior to now? ’ The small mole permit his head fell again directly to the pillow. ‘Oi’m surry, Sister Aspersium, oi wurr ill as an owd frog. ’ Nasturtium moved quickly over and drew the blankets lightly as much as his chin. She wiped the bushy little forehead with a serviette. ‘Yes after all you have been, Droony.

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