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By Sheikh Sadooq - XKP

This paintings is in truth 3 books whose subject matters are attached to one another. considered one of them, specifically Sifat ush-Shia, focuses the lighting fixtures at the features that the Shia must have inside of their moralities. with no such characteristics, the Shia shouldn't have received such ample advantages to which the second one ebook, specifically Fadhaa'il ush-Shia, refers. The 3rd ebook, specifically al-Mawaaizh, compiles the maxims and phrases of knowledge which are stated through the Prophet and the Imams, peace be upon all of them, on numerous events. it will be significant for the Shiite, prior to others, to use such maxims to himself, simply because they really are nice masterpieces and ethical principals.




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1] [1] consult with Bihar ul-Anwar; 8:197 H. 187, 53:121 (the finish of) H. 161, 69:9 bankruptcy seventy two 1. INDEX OF THE QURANIC TEXTS VERSE quantity web page converse righteous phrases to humans … 2:83 and people who workout persistence… 2:177 they're humble in the direction of the believers… 5:54 Did the folk of the cities… 7:97 Take the excess, hold forth the reality… 7:199 stroll lightly in the world… 25:63 whilst addressed by way of the ignorant ones, their… 25:72 He is familiar with the unseen… 72:28 bankruptcy seventy three 2. INDEX OF THE NARRATIONS NARRATION SAYER web page Our Shia are the folk of piety and diligence… Imam as-Sadiq Our (true) Shia are those that undergo our orders… Imam ar-Ridha the faith of these who deny taqiyah is null and… Imam as-Sadiq He who claims being considered one of our Shia whereas he's… Imam as-Sadiq He who antagonizes our Shia is antagonizing us and… Imam ar-Ridha He whoever says ‘La ilaha illa (A)llah’ –there is not any god… Imam as-Sadiq He who says ‘La ilaha illa (A)llah’ –there is not any god… The Prophet O sons of Hashim and sons of Abdul-Muttalib, i'm… The Prophet to sit down with the evils factors distrust within the sturdy. To… Amir ul-Mu'minin He who believes in Allah and the ultimate Day may still… The Prophet As for somebody who builds family with a person… Imam ar-Ridha He who follows the enemies of Allah will surely… Imam ar-Ridha by means of Allah I swear, the Shia of Ali are just those that… Imam as-Sadiq How concerning the wealthy men’s vacationing… Imam as-Sadiq a few of those that declare the love for us… Imam ar-Ridha He who loves a disbeliever will hate Allah and… Imam as-Sadiq The pal of Allah’s enemy is Allah’s enemy… Imam as-Sadiq He who sits to the suspicious humans is suspicious… Imam as-Sadiq The Nasibi isn't he who proclaims antagonism… Imam as-Sadiq He who gratifies certainly one of our enemies is killing one in all… Imam as-Sadiq The Shia of Ali are atrophied-stomached, dry… Imam as-Sadiq O Abu al-Miqdam, the Shia of Ali, peace be upon… Imam al-Baqir The Shia are pale-faced due to staying up at… Imam as-Sejjad The Shia of Ja’far are just those that abstain from… Imam as-Sadiq O Jabir, do you're thinking that it really is adequate for these… Imam al-Baqir The Shia of Ali (a) are definitely these… Imam al-Baqir O Abu al-Miqdam, the Shia of Ali, peace be upon… Imam al-Baqir O Jabir, the Shia of Ali are just these whose voices… Imam al-Baqir Do you desire they have been much less… Imam as-Sadiq the reason is, of the wonder… Imam as-Sadiq a few of you supply extra prayers than others do… one of many Imams we're honest family. Your major situation is… Imam as-Sadiq at the Day of Resurrection, the entire creatures may be… Imam as-Sadiq i don't like for the noble males to hold affordable issues… Imam al-Kadhim Our Shia are those that want what they prefer… Imam as-Sadiq The Shia are pale-faced due to staying up at… Amir ul-Mu'minin Our Shia are just these whose voices do… Imam as-Sadiq O Homam, worry Allah and practice reliable acts… Amir ul-Mu'minin the genuine believer is he whose rage doesn't take… Imam as-Sadiq O Ali bin Abdil-Aziz, don't be deceived via their… Imam as-Sadiq O servants of Allah, I command you to hang to… Imam as-Sadiq stopover at the ailed humans, perform… Imam as-Sadiq a few humans declare being our fans and… Imam as-Sadiq dangle to God-fearing, truthfulness, achievement of the… Imam as-Sadiq Our Shia are characterised by means of their… Imam as-Sejjad He who believes in seven issues is (regarded as) … Imam as-Sadiq the reason is, of the life of the consideration of the… Imam as-Sadiq in simple terms the believers take pleasure in 3 characters altogether… Imam as-Sadiq A believer’s energy lies in his center; accordingly, he… Imam as-Sadiq in regards to his faith, the believer is firmest… Imam as-Sadiq have you learnt why the believers are known as so… The Prophet He who's displeased by way of his evil deeds and happy… The Prophet it's very gruesome for a believer to be humiliated through his… Imam as-Sadiq Leprosy is semi-curse.

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