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By Kazim Mudir Shanehchi - XKP

This article seemed within the magazine Mishkat (No four, spring 1363 H. Sh.), released by means of Idareh-ye Umur-e Farhangi, an instructional and examine establishment connected to Astaneh-ye Quds-a Radawi, that's, Imam Rida's Shrine at Mashhad. the writer is a widely known Iranian scholar.

Undoubtedly, no different e-book has been the topic of dialogue to the level of the Qur'an, the variety of treatises, books and exegeses written on which a ways exceeds these written approximately the other booklet. even though the Torah and the Gospel were translated into extra languages, the Qur'an has a lead over different scriptures in recognize of the diversity of reports, the variety of exegeses and a number of the facets of it that experience considering that lengthy been the subject of dialogue and writing.


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