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By Allamah Muhammad Baqir Al-Majlisi - XKP

The oceans of sunshine Bihār al-Anwār through Allamah Muhammad Bāqir Ibn Muhammad Taqi al-Majlisi is a publication of remarkable worthy and price in Islamic literature.

The 13th quantity of this respected ocean of knowledge titled through its writer as Kitāb al-Ghaiba, that's, the publication of Occultation.

In the modern prints, this quantity has been divided into 3 volumes, which span from the fifty first to fifty 3rd of the complete 100 and 16 volumes.

In your palms is the interpretation of the 1st of those 3 volumes.




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2- Kifāya al-Athar: ‘Ali Ibn Mahziyār says, I wrote to Abu al-Hasan (a. s) asking him in regards to the reduction. He wrote, “When your consumer will disappear from the home of the oppressors, anticipate the relaxation. ” three- Ikmāl al-Dīn: Ishāq Ibn Ayyūb says, I heard Abu al-Hasan ‘Ali Ibn Muhammad (a. s) say, “The consumer of this Order is the single approximately whom humans will say he isn't born but. ” four- Ikmāl al-Dīn: Muhammad Ibn Fāris says, I and Ayyūb Ibn Nūh have been which will Mecca. We disembarked on the valley of Zabāla and sat down conversing. We ended up discussing our present scenario and the shortcoming of entry to the Imam. Ayyūb Ibn Nūh acknowledged, “I wrote this yr, pointing out a few of these issues. He wrote again to me, ‘When your common is raised out of your backs, count on the comfort from the underneath of your ft. ’” five- Ikmāl al-Dīn: ‘Ali Ibn ‘Abd al-Ghaffār says, while Abu Ja‘far II (a. s) passed on to the great beyond, the Shī‘a wrote to Abu al-Hasan (a. s) asking him concerning the place of Imamate. He wrote to them, “The place is mine as long as i'm alive. whilst the measures of Allah, the excessive, capture me, my inheritor will come to you. and the way could you be prefer to the inheritor after the inheritor? ” 6- Ikmāl al-Dīn: Musā Ibn Ja‘far al-Baghdādi says, I heard Abu Muhammad al-Hasan Ibn ‘Ali (a. s) say, “As if I see you, you will have disputed after me in regards to my inheritor. Behold, a person who professes religion within the Imams after the Prophet of Allah but denies my son, is like an individual who professes religion in all prophets and apostles of Allah after which rejects the Prophethood of Muhammad the Messenger of Allah (a. s); and the denier of the Messenger of Allah (a. s) is just like the person who rejects all the prophets. simply because obedience to our final one is obedience to our first one and rejecter of our final one is the rejecter of our first one. Behold, my son may have an occultation within which humans will doubt other than those whom Allah saves. ” 7- Ikmāl al-Dīn: ‘Ali Ibn Himām says, I heard Muhammad Ibn ‘Othmān al-‘Amri, (a. s) say, I heard my father say, Abu Muhammad al-Hasan Ibn ‘Ali (a. s) used to be requested, whereas i used to be with him, concerning the culture narrated from his forefathers, peace be unto them, that the earth doesn't stay with out the Hujja of Allah over His production till the Day of Judgment and that if an individual who dies with out the cognition of the Imam of his Age, he dies a pagan loss of life. He stated, “This is right because the sunlight is right. ” It used to be acknowledged, “O’ son of the Messenger of Allah, who's the Hujja and the Imam when you? ” He stated, “My son M. U. H. A. M. M. A. D. And he's the Imam and the Hujja after me. Whoever dies now not understanding him, will die a pagan dying. Behold, he'll have an occultation in which the ignorant contributors could be puzzled and the invalidators will perish and the time-assigners will lie. Then he'll upward thrust. as though i'm watching on the white criteria waving over his head within the Najaf of Kufa. ” eight- Ikmāl al-Dīn: Musā Ibn Ja‘far al-Baghdādi says, A letter got here from Abu Muhammad (a. s) which acknowledged, “They presumed that they need to homicide me with a purpose to bring to a halt my progeny.

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