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By Arthur Miller

According to historic humans and actual occasions, Arthur Miller's play makes use of the damaging energy of socially sanctioned violence unleashed by way of the rumors of witchcraft as a strong parable approximately McCarthyism.

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You could take a seat, Mr. Nurse. FRANCIS: i've got introduced difficulty on those humans; i've got— DANFORTH: No, previous guy, you haven't damage those humans in the event that they are of excellent sense of right and wrong. yet you need to comprehend, sir, individual is both with this courtroom or he needs to be counted opposed to it, there be no street among. it is a sharp time, now, an actual time—we dwell not within the dusky afternoon while evil combined itself with solid and befuddled the area. Now, by way of God’s grace, the shining sunlight is up, and them that worry no longer mild would certainly compliment it. i am hoping you can be a type of. Mary Warren abruptly sobs. She’s no longer hearty, I see. PROCTOR: No, she’s no longer, sir. To Mary, bending to her, keeping her hand, quietly: Now take into accout what the angel Raphael stated to the boy Tobias. bring it to mind. MARY WARREN, hardly ever audible: Aye. PROCTOR: “Do that that is reliable, and no damage shall come to thee. ” MARY WARREN: Aye. DANFORTH: Come, guy, we wait you. Marshal Herrick returns, and takes his submit on the door. GILES: John, my deposition, supply him mine. PROCTOR: Aye. He palms Danforth one other paper. this is often Mr. Corey’s deposition. DANFORTH: Oh? He appears to be like down at it. Now Hathorne comes in the back of him and reads with him. HATHORNE, suspiciously: What attorney drew this, Corey? GILES: you recognize I by no means employed a attorney in my lifestyles, Hathorne. DANFORTH, completing the analyzing: it's very good phrased. My compliments. Mr. Parris, if Mr. Putnam is within the court docket, will you convey him in? Hathorne takes the deposition, and walks to the window with it. Parris is going into the courtroom. you don't have any felony education, Mr. Corey? GILES, very happy: i've got the easiest, sir—I am thirty-three time in courtroom in my lifestyles. And consistently plaintiff, too. DANFORTH: Oh, then you’re a lot put-upon. GILES: i'm by no means put-upon; i do know my rights, sir, and that i may have them. you recognize, your father attempted a case of mine—might be thirty-five yr in the past, i believe. DANFORTH: certainly. GILES: He by no means spoke to you of it? DANFORTH: No, i will not recollect it. GILES: That’s unusual, he provide me 9 pound damages. He have been a good pass judgement on, your father. Y’see, I had a white mare that point, and this fellow come to borrow the mare—Enter Parris with Thomas Putnam. whilst he sees Putnam, Giles’ ease is going; he's challenging. Aye, there he's. DANFORTH: Mr. Putnam, i've got the following an accusation by means of Mr. Corey opposed to you. He states that you simply coldly triggered your daughter to cry witchery upon George Jacobs that's now in detention center. PUTNAM: it's a lie. DANFORTH, turning to Giles: Mr. Putnam states your cost is a lie. What say you to that? GILES, livid, his fists clenched: A fart on Thomas Putnam, that's what I say to that! DANFORTH: What evidence do you put up on your cost, sir? GILES: My facts is there! Pointing to the paper. If Jacobs hangs for a witch he forfeit up his property—that’s legislation! and there's none yet Putnam with the coin to shop for so nice a bit. This guy is killing his acquaintances for his or her land! DANFORTH: yet evidence, sir, facts. GILES, pointing at his deposition: The evidence is there! i've got it from a good guy who heard Putnam say it! The day his daughter cried out on Jacobs, he acknowledged she’d given him a good reward of land.

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