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Download E-books The Knight of Maison-Rouge: A Novel of Marie Antoinette PDF

By Alexandre Dumas père

A significant new translation of a forgotten classic

Paris, 1793, the onset of the phobia. courageous Republican Maurice rescues a mys-terious and gorgeous girl from an offended mob and is unknowingly drawn right into a mystery Royalist plot—a plot revolving round the imprisoned Queen of France, Marie Antoinette, and her enigmatic and fearless champion, the Knight of Maison-Rouge.

Full of unusual twists, breakneck event, conspiracies, swordplay, romance, and heroism, The Knight of Maison-Rouge is a thrilling story of selflessness, love, and honor lower than the shadow of the guillotine. Dumas here's on the very peak of his powers, and with this primary and purely smooth translation, readers can once more journey with the Knight of Maison-Rouge.

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Convinced, citizen,” stated Maurice. “All correct, then let’s converse frankly. Why could you're taking any realize of the idle gossip of busybodies who've not anything greater to do? Come, Maurice, don’t you've gotten a transparent sense of right and wrong and doesn’t Geneviève have her honesty? ” “I’m more youthful than you,” stated Maurice, who was once commencing to wonder on the man’s insistence. “And might be I’m a bit extra thin-skinned. for the reason that I say that the attractiveness of a lady like Geneviève shouldn't be the topic of even the idle gossip of busybodies who've not anything higher to do. enable me hence, expensive Dixmer, to persist in my preliminary solution. ” “Come,” stated Dixmer, “since we appear to be moving into for confessions, confess anything else. ” “What? ” requested Maurice, going crimson. “What do you need me to admit? ” “That it truly is neither politics nor speak about how usually you’re at my position that has made you choose to drop us. ” “What is it, then? ” “The mystery you’ve stumbled on. ” “What mystery? ” Maurice requested with a naïve interest that reassured the tanner. “That contraband enterprise you stumbled onto the very evening we met in the sort of memorable means. You’ve by no means forgiven me for being concerned with fraud, and also you accuse me of being a nasty republican simply because i exploit English items in my tannery. ” “My expensive Dixmer,” stated Maurice, “I swear to you that I thoroughly forgot, at any time when I went for your position, that i used to be in the house of a black marketeer. ” “Really? ” “Really. ” “You don’t have the other cause, then, for forsaking where except what you’ve acknowledged? ” “On my honor. ” “Well then, Maurice,” stated Dixmer, getting up and shaking the younger man’s hand, “I wish you’ll imagine it over and return in this solution of yours that hurts us all quite a bit. ” Maurice susceptible his head with out answering—which amounted to a last rejection. Dixmer left in depression at having failed in his bid to win again a guy whom yes conditions rendered not just worthy yet relatively vital. It was once excessive time he left, for Maurice used to be torn by means of 1000 contradictory feelings. because Dixmer begged him back, Geneviève could possibly forgive him. So why did he suppose depression? In his position Lorin might more than likely have a bunch of aphorisms to pluck from his favourite authors. yet there has been Geneviève’s letter, that formal dismissal which he’d carried with him to the part and realized by means of middle in addition to the notice he’d acquired from her the day after he’d rescued her from the palms of these brutes who have been roughing her up. yet greater than anything, there has been the younger man’s obdurate jealousy over the detested Morand, the preliminary reason behind his holiday with Geneviève. And so Maurice remained intransigent in his answer. however it has to be acknowledged that being disadvantaged of his day-by-day stopover at to the previous rue Saint-Jacques left an immense gap in his lifestyles. And while first the hour struck while he would typically have trigger towards the Saint-Victor local, he fell right into a profound depression, and from that second went via the entire levels of ready in useless and remorse.

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