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By Ayatullah Baqir Sharif Al Qarashi - XKP

n the heritage of this East, the candle of the Prophetic missions, there has been not anyone like Imām Zayn al-‘Ābidin, peace be on him, in piety, devotion and excessive turning to Allah in repentance other than his grandfather, who illuminated the highbrow existence with the sunshine of monotheism and actual belief.

The lifetime of this nice Imām has given an account of the lives of the prophets and the messengers. He used to be just like them in all their traits and tendencies. accordingly he was once like Jesus Christ in his asceticism and his turning to Allah in repentance. He was once like prophet task in his tribulation and his endurance. He was once just like prophet Mohammed, might Allah bless him and his kinfolk, in his real answer and his solid manners. His strong developments and his religious skills are unlimited. within the historical past of this global, it's sufficient for him that purely he has been known as Zayn al -‘Ābidin. This nick-name has been now not given to anybody other than him.



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2] Al-Durr al-Nazim, p. 173. sleep. they're unhappy whilst the folks are satisfied. they're identified by way of asceticism. And Paradise distract them (from this world)[1]” those features which the Imām, peace be on him, challenge the designated Shi‘ites and the fans of the Imāms, peace be on them, equivalent to ‘Ammār b. Yāsir, Abū Dharr, Salmān al-Fārisi, Maytham al-Tammār, and so on, whose souls have been choked with piety and righteousness, and who understood the message of Islam. As for the overpowering majority of the Shi‘ites, they're the fanatics and fans of the participants of the home (ahl al-Bayt) , peace be on them. it really is worthy declaring that following the Imāms, peace be on them, brings approximately forgiveness. this is often indicated during the following culture which has been said on his authority. whilst he turned unwell, a bunch of the partners of the Prophet, may well Allah bless him and his kin, came around him and requested him: “Son of the Apostle of Allah, may perhaps our souls be ransom for you, how are you? ” “I am very well,” spoke back the Imām, “I am thankful to Allah for that, and the way are you? ” “We are very well,” they responded, “Son of the Apostle of Allah, we adore you and stick with you. ” So the Imām gave them excellent news of Heaven simply because they enjoyed and the participants of the home (ahl al-Bayt) , peace be on them, announcing: “Whoever loves us for Allah, Allah will make him stay in a truly shady position at the Day of Resurrection, the day while there'll be no coloration other than His colour. Whoever likes to gift us, Allah will provide him Heaven as a present. Whoever loves us for this international, Allah will supply him his livelihood from the place he doesn't count on. [2]” A Fabricated Narration one of the fabricated narrations is what Ibn ‘Asākir said while he acknowledged crew of the Iraqis got here to Imām Zayn al-‘Ābidin, peace be on him, who stated to them: “Love us with love of Islam, and don't love us with the affection of idols. you've enjoyed us to [1] Sifāt al-Shi'a. [2] Nūr al-Abbsār, p. 127. the level that your love has disgraced us. [1]” This narration was once fabricated to defame the Shi‘a, to point that they went too a ways in loving and following the participants of the home (ahl al-Bayt) , peace be on them, and they raised them to the extent of the Almighty author. This narration is a baseless accusation, for the affection of the Shi‘a for his or her natural Imāms, peace be on them, depends upon idea, wisdom, the Holy ebook of Allah, and the actual Sunna, as well as that, there isn't any illness of exaggeration in this sort of type of love. an important consider the affection of the Shi‘a for the Imāms of the contributors of the home (ahl al-Bayt) , peace be on them, is they take the lessons in their doctrine from them and agree to what used to be narrated on their authority in recognize to non secular existence. definitely, it's adequate for somebody to place into impact the jurisprudence of the contributors of the home (ahl al-Bayt) , peace be on them, and to depend upon it. Is there during this exaggeration and deviation from the reality?

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