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Download E-books The Next Fifty Years: Science in the First Half of the Twenty-first Century PDF

By John Brockman

A super ensemble of the world’s such a lot visionary scientists offers twenty-five unique never-before-published essays concerning the advances in technology and know-how that we might even see inside of our lifetimes.

Theoretical physicist and bestselling writer Paul Davies examines the possibility that through the 12 months 2050 we can identify a continuous human presence on Mars. Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi investigates the ramifications of engineering high-IQ, geneticially satisfied infants. Psychiatrist Nancy Etcoff explains present examine into the production of emotion-sensing jewellery which could gauge our moods and let us know while to take an anti-depressant capsule. And evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins explores the chance that we'll quickly have the capacity to receive a genome printout that predicts our ordinary finish for a similar price as a chest x-ray. (Will we wish to learn it? and may insurance firms and governments have entry to it?) This attention-grabbing and unparalleled ebook explores not just the sensible probabilities of the close to destiny, but additionally the social and political ramifications of the advancements of the unusual new international to come.

Also comprises unique essays by:

Lee Smolin
Martin Rees
Ian Stewart
Brian Goodwin
Marc D. Hauser
Alison Gopnik
Paul Bloom
Geoffrey Miller
Robert M. Sapolsky
Steven Strogatz
Stuart Kauffman
John H. Holland
Rodney Brooks
Peter Atkins
Roger C. Schank
Jaron Lanier
David Gelernter
Joseph LeDoux
Judith wealthy Harris
Samuel Barondes
Paul W. Ewald

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