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Download E-books The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) PDF

By Robert Spencer

Islam specialist Robert Spencer unearths Islam's ongoing, unshakable quest for worldwide conquest and why the West this present day faces an identical chance because the Crusaders did--and what we will be able to study from their experience.

A clarion demand the security of the West earlier than it really is too late." -- Ibn Warraq, author

"A much-needed antidote to the toxic propaganda that compromises our present conflict opposed to jihadist murder." -- Bruce Thornton, historian

"An huge, immense quantity of well-researched fabric. Throws the ball again into the camp of Arabist historians." -- Walid Phares, terror analyst

"Assails, with a lot erudition, the taboos imposed by means of the Politically right League." -- Bat Ye’or, historian

"The brave Robert Spencer busts myths and tells truths approximately jihadists that nobody else will tell." -- Michelle Malkin, bestselling writer and columnist

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Paradise itself contains “gardens, with rivers flowing underneath” (Qur’an 3:198; cf. 3:136; 13:35; 15:45; 22:23). In it are “two springs pouring forth water in non-stop abundance” (Qur’an 55:66). and never basically water: Paradise would provide quite a few drinks. along with “rivers of water incorruptible,” there will be “rivers of milk of which the flavor by no means alterations; rivers of wine, a pleasure to those that drink; and rivers of honey natural and transparent” (Qur’an 47:15). Wine? yet aren’t alcoholic beverages forbidden to Muslims? Doesn’t the Qur’an say that “strong drink” is “Satan’s handiwork” (5:90)? How, a hundred The entice of Islamic Paradise then, can Satan’s handiwork be present in Paradise? good, the wine in Paradise is various, Muhammad vs. Jesus I P G you notice. it truly is “free from headiness,” in order that those that drink it's going to now not “suffer intoxication therefrom” (Qur’an 37:47). All this is able to be provided to these “For God so enjoyed the realm that He gave His merely Son, that whoever believes in Him are not blessed of Allah in an ideal climate-con- perish yet have everlasting lifestyles. ” trolled atmosphere: “Reclining within the John 3:16 backyard on raised thrones, they are going to see “Allah hath bought of the believers their there neither the sun’s over the top warmth nor individuals and their items; for theirs in go back is the moon’s over the top chilly. And the the backyard of Paradise: they try in His reason, colours of the backyard will come low over and slay and are slain: a promise binding on Him them, and the bunches of fruit, there, will honestly . . . ” hold low in humility” (Qur’an 76:13-14). Qur’an 9:111 The meals and comforts may by no means run out: “its nutrition is eternal, and its colour” (Qur’an 13:35). the enjoyment of intercourse yet ‘Umayr bin al-Humam most likely wasn’t keen on all that, as beautiful because it could have appeared. For he knew that looking forward to him in Paradise have been “voluptuous girls of equivalent age” (Qur’an 78:31): “those of modest gaze, with beautiful eyes” (Qur’an 37:48), “fair ladies with appealing, monstrous, and lustrous eyes” (Qur’an 44:54), “like unto rubies and coral” (Qur’an 55:58) to whom he will be “joined” (Qur’an 52:20). those ladies will be “maidens, chaste, restraining their glances, whom no guy or Jinn [spirit being] prior to them has touched” (Qur’an 55:56). Allah “made them virgins” (Qur’an 56:36), and in keeping with Islamic culture, they might stay virgins eternally. a hundred and one The Politically mistaken advisor to Islam (and the Crusades) BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB similar to this present day: Suicide bombers and Paradise T he promise of Paradise to people who “slay and are slain” for Allah is the vital justification for suicide bombings: The bombers are laying declare to this promise through slaying Allah’s enemies and being slain within the approach. in fact, Muslim spokesmen in the USA were fast to indicate that the Qur’an forbids suicide: “O ye who think! consume now not up your private home between yourselves in vanities. . . . Nor kill or ruin yourselves” (Qur’an 4:29–30). Muhammad provides in a hadith: “He who commits suicide by way of throttling shall keep it up throttling himself within the Hell-fire endlessly, and he who commits suicide by means of stabbing himself shall carry on stabbing himself within the Hell-fire.

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