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By Allamah Sayyid Murtada Askari - XKP

The Arabian Peninsula has, in its lengthy heritage continually witnessed many occasions. With the arrival of Islam and the formation of spiritual matters during the heavenly character of the good Prophet of Islam (s.a.w.a.) the web page of pre-Islam Arab background observed an important change.

It become the Islamic background. flawed person and collective behavior, mistaken methods and kinds of lifestyles, and equally the ideals and superstitions of the ignorant Arabs have been the symptoms of the tradition and civilization of the Arab society of these days.

People had wrongly interpreted the which means of morality. for instance, they obtained recognize by way of burying their alive daughters. those that displayed extra cruelty have been seemed extra good. Loot, arson, killing, and bloodshed have been regarded as bravery. after they heard in regards to the Paradise, they requested no matter if the Paradise had its wars or no. while the answer was once detrimental they stated what it worthy was!



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These occasions have created the necessity for a radical examine in heritage, in order that fake statements might be separated from the genuine ones. The acknowledged tale is an instance of such occasions, which the good pupil Syed Murtaza Askari has handled. The Cultural and clinical establishment of Allamah Askari within the identify of Allah, the main Beneficent, the main Merciful compliment be to Allah the Lord of the worlds and peace be upon the Seal of the Prophets and Messengers, Muhammad and his Purified Progeny. This servant has been commonly asked concerning the morning Prayer of Abu Bakr, at the day of the passing away of the holy Prophet. Is it a real incident, and is it an accurate narration? And if we suppose that it was once a truth, then how used to be the situation? as a minimum, what conclusions should be derived from it? because of this, it got here to my brain dialogue on it's awarded to respond to those queries. bankruptcy 2 Refusal of the holy Prophet from the Umar's best In Sunan Abu Dawood - bankruptcy in regards to the successorship of Abu Bakr, Musnad Ahmad, Sirah Ibn Hisham, Tabaqat Ibn Sa'ad, and Ansabul Ashrâf of Balazari it truly is narrated (We quote Sunan Abu Dawood from Abdullah Ibn Zam? ) that once the disease of the holy Prophet (s. a. w. a. ) obtained serious, he was once with a gaggle of Muslims close to the Messenger of Allah (s. a. w. a. ). Bilal educated the Prophet (s. a. w. a. ) in regards to the time of Prayer. He acknowledged: "Tell somebody to steer the folk in Prayer. " while he received out of the gang, Umar was once one of the staff yet Abu Bakr used to be absent. I (Abdullah Ibn Zam? ) stated: Umar wake up and lead the folks in Prayer. "Umar bought up and acknowledged the Takbiratul Ihram of the Prayer. " whilst the holy Prophet (s. a. w. a. ) heard his voice, which used to be very loud, he stated: "Then the place is Abu Bakr? Allah and Muslims don't settle for this! " The Prophet (s. a. w. a. ) repeated this; then despatched an individual to Abu Bakr. He got here after the Prayer led by means of Umar was once over and prayed back with the folks! 1 anxiety of the Prophet (s. a. w. a. ) over the Imamat of Abu Bakr In one other culture it has come, "When the Prophet (s. a. w. a. ) heard the voice of Umar, he introduced his holy head out of the room and acknowledged: No! No! No! Son of Abu Qahafa (Abu Bakr) should still lead the folks in Prayer. The holy Prophet acknowledged those phrases in anger. " In Musnad Ahmad, it has come that Abdullah Ibn Zam? acknowledged that Umar instructed him: "Woe upon you, O son of Zam? , what are you doing with me, by way of the promise of Allah? " in case you gave me orders to wish, i used to be considering not anything yet that the holy Prophet had ordered so, and if it was once except this, i wouldn't have prayed with the folk. He informed Umar; "By the promise of Allah, the Messenger of Allah (s. a. w. a. ) has now not instructed me so that you can pray with the folk, but if i didn't see Abu Bakr, I observed you extra eligible from Sunan Abu Dawood Vol. 2, P. one hundred fifteen, Kitab-us-Sunnah, Musnad Ahmad Vol. four, P. 322, 330, Tabaqat Ibn Sa'ad Vol. 2, P. 222, 223, Ansabul Ashrâf Vol. 1, P. 554, Tarikh Ibn Kathir Vol. five, P. 232 with many narrators within the culture of Ibn Sa'ad and Balazari has come like this: (Then the rows for Prayer obtained prepared and Umar again, after someday we observed that Ibn Abi Qahafa got here ahead and led the Prayer for the folks.

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