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By Vahid Majd - XKP

“Certainly, I simply conveyed what i've been ordered to express as a controversy opposed to every person, be him current or absent, a right away witness or now not, and already born or now not but born. as a result, every body who's current should still exhibit (this sermon) to people who are absent, each dad or mum may still express it to his/her young children, (and they need to proceed to take action) till the Day of Judgement.” — part of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH)last public sermon introduced in Ghadir Khum



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Best Islam books

Haroun and the Sea of Stories

Notice Haroun and the ocean of news, Salman Rushdie’s vintage fable novel  Set in an unique jap panorama peopled by way of magicians and incredible speaking animals, Salman Rushdie's vintage kid's novel Haroun and the ocean of news inhabits a similar resourceful house because the Lord of the earrings, The Alchemist, and The Wizard of oz..

The Sufi Orders in Islam

Sufism, the identify given to Islamic mysticism, has been the topic of many experiences, however the orders by which the organizational point of the Sufi spirit was once expressed has been overlooked. The Sufi Orders in Islam is likely one of the earliest sleek examinations of the old improvement of Sufism and is taken into account a vintage paintings in different assets of Islamic reports this present day.

Islamic History: A Very Short Introduction

Starting with a lucid evaluation of the increase and unfold of Islam, from the 7th to the twenty-first century, this Very brief advent introduces the tale of Islamic heritage, charting the evolution of what was once initially a small, localized group of believers into a world faith with over one billion adherents.

Pariah Politics: Understanding Western Radical Islamism and What Should be Done

Pariah Politics breaks new flooring in interpreting the problem of western Islamist extremism from the viewpoint of presidency. It hyperlinks underlying motives to the ability of governments to reply at once and to steer others. The booklet includes 4 major messages. targeting motives, no longer indicators. The booklet identifies 4 sizeable causal drivers: settled drawback, social isolation, complaint and oppositional cultures, and the unstable dynamics of worldwide Islam.


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13-Imam Ali (PBUH) was once the dearest and the nearest to the Prophet (PBUH&HF). he's from the Prophet (PBUH&HF), and the Prophet (PBUH&HF) is from him. The Prophet (PBUH&HF) referred to as him his brother. 14-The name of “the Commander of the Believers” solely belongs to him. 15-Allah and His Prophet (PBUH&HF) are proud of him. All verses of the Holy Quran that categorical Allah’s delight or compliment of their excellent experience were printed approximately him. 16-The divine gentle, the divine counsel, and the divine management were put in Imam Ali (PBUH) and the Imams from his descendants as much as Imam Mahdi (PBUH),he final divinely appointed Imam. The earth won't ever lack an Imam until eventually the Day of Judgement. 17-Imam Ali (PBUH) and the Imams of his descendents are the trustees of Allah, His appointed judges, the vessels of divine knowledge1, the best proofs of Allah ————————————————————————————————————————————————— 1 The “divine wisdom” refers to all of the heavenly wisdom created by way of Allah, and put in His most sensible construction. it's referred to as divine simply because Allah issued and certified it, and since it isn't a technological know-how generated by means of a human. it really is referred to as His wisdom because it is His construction and is attributed to Him. in spite of the fact that, this could no longer be burdened along with his “Eternal Knowledge”. it's going to be made transparent that any wisdom man or woman can own, clutch, or understand is a construction, and has no similarity whatever with Allah’s everlasting wisdom (i. e. , His Essence), which isn't created. the information human or maybe an Imam possesses isn't really part of Allah’s everlasting wisdom, in a different way it should indicate His Essence has components. Any mind's eye or notion of Allah's everlasting wisdom via us is a construction of our brain and can't be attributed to Allah. with reference to the Essence of Allah, we're not allowed to theorize or speak simply because we haven't any solution to comprehend Him, and through “His everlasting Knowledge”, we simply suggest, “He isn't ignorant”. we should always realize that His Essence (Dhat) is loose from any kind of wisdom that we all know (i. e. , any generated wisdom whether it really is improved by way of infinity by way of caliber and volume) simply as we realize that there's not anything that he's ignorant of. not anything is like Him. holding a distinction at the caliber or the amount among His wisdom and the idea that of data that's recognized to us isn't really sufficient to prevent resemblance, and we have to deny the resemblance within the proposal of data among the author and the production. there's neither suggestion, nor caliber for His Essence. Allah is the writer of perfections and traits, and he's not constrained by way of the extension of traits and ideas that we think. Allah is aware, yet unlike how His construction is aware. therefore, our realizing of His everlasting wisdom (i. e. , His Essence) is barely between His construction, and His exhaustive arguments opposed to them. 18-Imam Ali (PBUH) and the natural individuals of his progeny represent one of many weighty symbols along with the Holy Quran.

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