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By William Shakespeare


normally set in Milan, this comedy is the tale of 2 newly-arrived Veronese buddies, Valentine and Proteus. either vie for the Duke's daughter's hand, with plenty of laughter resulting.

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I worry me, it'll make me scandalized. LUCETTA if you happen to imagine so, then remain at domestic and move now not. JULIA Nay, that i can't. LUCETTA Then by no means dream on infamy, yet move. If Proteus like your trip in case you come, irrespective of who’s displeased while you're long gone: I worry me, he'll scarce be happy withal. JULIA that's the least, Lucetta, of my worry: one thousand oaths, an ocean of his tears And situations of endless of affection Warrant me welcome to my Proteus. LUCETTA a lot of these are servants to deceitful males. JULIA Base males, that use them to so base impact! yet more true stars did govern Proteus’ start His phrases are bonds, his oaths are oracles, His love honest, his ideas immaculate, His tears natural messengers despatched from his center, His center as faraway from fraud as heaven from earth. LUCETTA Pray heaven he turn out so, in the event you come to him! JULIA Now, as thou lovest me, do him now not that incorrect To undergo a difficult opinion of his fact: simply deserve my love by way of loving him; And almost immediately opt for me to my chamber, To take a notice of what I stand wanting, To provide me upon my longing trip. All that's mine I depart at thy dispose, My items, my lands, my attractiveness; in basic terms, in lieu thereof, dispatch me for that reason. Come, resolution now not, yet to it almost immediately! i'm impatient of my tarriance. Exeunt ACT III SCENE I. Milan. The DUKE’s palace. input DUKE, THURIO, and PROTEUS DUKE Sir Thurio, supply us go away, I pray, awhile; we've got a few secrets and techniques to confer approximately. go out THURIO Now, inform me, Proteus, what’s your will with me? PROTEUS My gracious lord, that which i'd observe The legislations of friendship bids me to hide; but if I think of your gracious favours performed to me, not worthy as i'm, My accountability pricks me directly to utter that Which else no worldly reliable may still draw from me. be aware of, important prince, Sir Valentine, my buddy, tonight intends to thieve away your daughter: Myself am one made aware of the plot. i do know you've got decided to bestow her On Thurio, whom your mild daughter hates; and will she therefore be stol’n clear of you, it'd be a lot vexation for your age. therefore, for my duty’s sake, I really selected To move my good friend in his meant flow Than, by means of concealing it, heap in your head A pack of sorrows which might press you down, Being unprevented, on your undying grave. DUKE Proteus, I thank thee for thine sincere care; Which to requite, command me whereas I dwell. This love of theirs myself have usually noticeable, Haply once they have judged me quickly asleep, And routinely have purposed to forbid Sir Valentine her corporation and my courtroom: yet fearing lest my jealous objective may well err And so unworthily shame the fellow, A rashness that I ever but have shunn’d, I gave him mild seems to be, thereby to discover That which thyself hast now disclosed to me. And, that thou mayst understand my worry of this, understanding that gentle early life is quickly advised, I nightly hotel her in an top tower, the main whereof myself have ever stored; And thence she can't be convey’d away. PROTEUS be aware of, noble lord, they've got devised an average How he her chamber-window will ascend And with a corded ladder fetch her down; For which the younger lover now's long gone And this fashion comes he with it almost immediately; the place, if it please you, you'll intercept him.

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