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By William Shakespeare


generally set in Milan, this comedy is the tale of 2 newly-arrived Veronese neighbors, Valentine and Proteus. either vie for the Duke's daughter's hand, with plenty of laughter resulting.

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Now, gents, Let’s song, and to it lustily awhile. input, at a distance, Host, and JULIA in boy’s outfits Host Now, my younger visitor, methinks you’re allycholly: I pray you, why is it? JULIA Marry, mine host, simply because i can't be merry. Host Come, we’ll have you ever merry: I’ll carry you the place you shall pay attention tune and spot the gentleman that you just requested for. JULIA yet shall I pay attention him converse? Host Ay, that you just shall. JULIA that would be song. tune performs Host Hark, hark! JULIA Is he between those? Host Ay: yet, peace! let’s listen ‘em. track. who's Silvia? what's she, that every one our swains commend her? Holy, reasonable and clever is she; The heaven such grace did lend her, That she may possibly renowned be. Is she variety as she is reasonable? For good looks lives with kindness. Love doth to her eyes fix, to aid him of his blindness, And, being help’d, inhabits there. Then to Silvia allow us to sing, That Silvia is excelling; She excels each one mortal factor Upon the uninteresting earth living: To her allow us to garlands convey. Host How now! are you sadder than you have been prior to? How do you, guy? the song likes you now not. JULIA You mistake; the musician likes me now not. Host Why, my beautiful formative years? JULIA He performs fake, father. Host How? out of track at the strings? JULIA no longer so; yet but so fake that he grieves my very heart-strings. Host you have got a brief ear. JULIA Ay, i might I have been deaf; it makes me have a gradual middle. Host I understand you pride no longer in tune. JULIA now not a whit, while it jars so. Host Hark, what advantageous swap is within the song! JULIA Ay, that modify is the spite. Host you will have them constantly play yet something? JULIA i might constantly have one play yet something. yet, host, doth this Sir Proteus that we speak on frequently hotel unto this gentlewoman? Host I inform you what Launce, his guy, informed me: he enjoyed her out of all nick. JULIA the place is Launce? Host long gone to hunt his puppy; which the next day, by means of his master’s command, he needs to hold for a gift to his woman. JULIA Peace! stand apart: the corporate components. PROTEUS Sir Thurio, worry no longer you: i'll so plead that you simply shall say my crafty flow excels. THURIO the place meet we? PROTEUS At Saint Gregory’s good. THURIO Farewell. Exeunt THURIO and Musicians input SILVIA above PROTEUS Madam, reliable even in your ladyship. SILVIA I thanks on your tune, gents. who's that that spake? PROTEUS One, girl, if you happen to knew his natural heart’s fact, you are going to speedy discover ways to recognize him by means of his voice. SILVIA Sir Proteus, as I take it. PROTEUS Sir Proteus, mild girl, and your servant. SILVIA What’s your will? PROTEUS That i could compass yours. SILVIA you have got your want; my will is even this: That shortly you hie you domestic to mattress. Thou refined, perjured, fake, disloyal guy! Think’st thou i'm so shallow, so conceitless, To be seduced by means of thy flattery, That hast deceived such a lot of with thy vows? go back, go back, and make thy love amends. For me, by way of this faded queen of evening I swear, i'm to date from granting thy request That I despise thee for thy wrongful swimsuit, And through and via intend to chide myself Even for this time I spend in speaking to thee.

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