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Illus. most generally used introd. to Indian civ. even supposing first pub. in 1954, has remained a vintage interpretation.

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Fans, Khajurāho XLVII. Apsaras, Khajurāho XLVIII. Visnu, Khajurāho XLIX. lady Writing, Khajurāho L. (a) girl determine, Nokhās, U. P. (b) Sarasvatī, Dhārā LI. (a) Leogryph, Gujarāt (b) Panel from Jaina Temple, Mehsānā, Barodā LII. (a) Musicians, Dabhoī, Barodā (b) Memorial to a Chieftain, Dumad, Barodā LIII. (a) Śiva Dancing, Orissā (b) Brhaspati, Orissā LIV. Apsaras, Bhubanesar LV. fans, Konārak LVI. woman Drummer, Konārak LVII. Elephant, Konārak LVIII. Horse, Konārak [Page xvi] LIX. substantial Statue of Gommateśvara, Śravana Belgolā, Mysore dealing with web page LX. (a) elderly guy, Polonnaruva, Ceylon (b) The Buddha’s Parinirvāna, Polonnaruva LXI. Christian Font, Kanduruthy, Travancore LXII. Terracottas LXIII. significant Bronze Buddha, Sultānrganj, Bihār LXIV. Pāla Bronzes LXV. Life-size Bronze determine of a Goddess, Ceylon LXVI. Dancing giva. Bronze, Cōla LXVII. (a) Head of Dancing Śiva. Bronze, Cola (b) Śiva as Lord of Beasts. Bronze, Cōla LXVIII. Śiva as instructor. Bronze, Cōla LXIX. (a) Pārvatī. Bronze, Cola (b) Kali. Bronze, Cola LXX. Kali as Demoness. Bronze, Cōla LXXI. King Krsna Deva Rāya and Queens. Bronze LXXII. Avalokiteśvara-Padmapāni. Mural, Ajanta LXXIII. Head of Avalokiteśvara, Ajantā LXXIV. The Temptation of the Buddha, Ajanta sooner than LXXV. The Buddha Receiving Alms, Ajanta (colour),, LXXVI. nation Scene, Ajanta dealing with LXXVII. battling Elephants, Ajanta LXXVIII. (a) Persian Prince and Princess, Ajanta (b) scuffling with Bulls, Ajanta LXXIX. Seated lady, Ajanta LXXX. Elephant and Rider in Procession. Bagh (colour) LXXXI. Flying Demigods. Bāmiyīn, Afghanistan ahead of LXXXII. (a) Painted Manuscript hide, Nepal dealing with (b) Necklace, Sirkap LXXXIII. Apsaras with Attendant. Sīgiriya, Ceylon (colour) LXXXIV. cash of Bactria and N. W. India sooner than LXXXV. Greco-Bactrian Silver Discs dealing with LXXXVI. Greco-Bactrian Silver Cups LXXXVII. (a) Gold Relic Casket, Bāmirān, Afghānistān (b) Indian Ivory Statuette, stumbled on at Herculaneum (c) Ivory Plaque, Begrām, Afghānistān LXXXVIII. Ivory Combs, Ceylon and S. India LXXXIX. Copper-plate constitution of Dadda III of Broach LINE DRAWINGS AND MAPS [Page xvii] Fig. i. a few Prehistoric websites of N. -W. India (map) ii. Terracotta collectible figurines of Goddesses iii. inside of a home of the Harappa tradition iv. Painted Pottery of the Harappa tradition v. Axes from the Indus towns vi. The Empire of Asoka (map) vii. The Gupta Empire (map) viii. India within the Early 1 th Century (map) ix. A Cakravartin x. Royal Warriors xi. A Siege xii. A Village xiii. kingdom Scene xiv. An historic Indian urban xv. The Temple of grirangam xvi. Carting a Pillar xvii. a boat xviii. Stupas and Monasteries at Sanchi xix. The Stupa of Amaravat xx. Early Capitals xxi. Lifigaraja Temple, Bhubanesar, Orissa xxii. Temple of the sunlight, Konarak, Orissa xxiii. Copper Vase from Kului xxiv. Motifs from Gupta Gold cash xxv. Brahmi Script xxvi. Kharosthl Script CHRONOLOGY OF PRE-MUSLIM INDIA [Page xix] PREHISTORIC interval B. C. c. 3000 Agricultural groups in Baluchistan. c. 2500-1550 The Harappa tradition.

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