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By Abu Mohd Al-Hasan binAlibinHussein binShuba Al-Harrani - XKP

The Prophet’s connection with wisdom, mind, and lack of understanding The Prophet (peace be upon him and his relatives) instructed:

Learn the information, for to benefit it's a bonus, to review it really is (a characteristic of) glorification of God, to look for it truly is (a type of) jihad, to educate it (to the ignorant ones) is charity, to show it freely is a pious act since it is the signal of the halal and haram.


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In the event you publicize our secrets and techniques, God will divulge them to the sharpness of swords. Circumcise your male infants on their 7th day of age. don't excuse for warm or chilly climate, simply because circumcision purifies the physique. in addition, the land on which an uncircumcised person urinates demands the aid of God noisily. Drunkenness is of 4 varieties: they're drunkenness of teenybopper, drunkenness of fortune, drunkenness of sleep, and drunkenness of energy. i admire for the believers to take advantage of the hair remover powders as soon as each fifteen days. lessen having fish, since it dissolve the physique, motives a lot phlegm, and blocks common respiring. To drink milk in doses is the treatment of each illness other than dying. consume pomegranate with its internal tissues. this may develop the tummy, refresh the center, and shop from the Shaitan’s evil inspirations. consume endive. each morning, a drop of Paradise covers each one grain of endive. Drink from rainfall, since it purifies the physique and saves from illnesses. God the Majestic says: “He showered water from the sky over you to scrub you and take away satanic wickedness from you. ”[54] Black cumin has a proportion within the therapy of each illness, other than loss of life. pork is a illness the therapy of that's milk and fat of cows. the simplest foodstuff for the expectants is ripe dates. God says: “If you shake the trunk of the palm tree, it is going to offer you clean ripe dates. ”[55] Use dates for the backbones of your infants, as the Prophet (peace be upon him and his kinfolk) did this to Al-Hasan and Al-Hussein. so that it will copulate along with your girls, you have to wait till they've got an analogous hope that you've got. in the event that your eyes fall on an enthralling lady, you need to come in your girl and copulate along with her, simply because all girls have an identical. you have to additionally steer clear of permitting the Shaitan to manage you in anyway. ultimately, flip your sight clear of captivating girls. when you are bachelor, you'll want to supply a recommendable two-rak’a prayer and thank God much. In copulation along with your woman, you might want to communicate as low as attainable, simply because conversing in the course of copulation can cause deafness. don't glance inside of your lady’s vagina, simply because this can reason leprosy. earlier than you contact your girl, you'll want to say: “O Allah, i've got her vagina felony for me because of Your commandment and feature permitted her via Your defense. for those who choose to provide us a son, make him a legitimate male child and don't enable the Shaitan have a percentage in its composition. ”[56] Injection is likely one of the 4 drugs that the Prophet (peace be upon him and his kin) pointed out. it's the most sensible medication you ever use. It extends the stomach, therapies from inner health problems, and strengthens the physique. Use viola for the nasal problems. The Prophet (peace be upon him and his kinfolk) acknowledged: “If individuals are conscious of what's there in viola, they'll take it in doses. ” within the first and heart nights of the –Hijri- months, don't copulate together with your girls, as the Shaitan look for sons in such instances. steer clear of cupping on Wednesdays and Fridays. one of many hours of Wednesdays is continuing unwell omen.

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